2023 POH - Hallmark Homes -

Trades associated with builder's POH project - Hallmark -
Andy Sims
Andy's Heating and Air Conditioning
Jacque Lozier
Builders First Source Hayden
Shadra Ban
Cascade Cleaning, Owner
Brian Weeks
Central Pre-Mix
Chris Hardy
Champion Concrete Pumping & Conveying
Roy Thompson
Champion Concrete Pumping & Conveying
Dillon Williams
Champion Concrete Pumping & Conveying, Office/Dispatch
Brad Ward
Custom Insulation
Tom Wood
Fred's Appliance
Jamie Jenkins
Gargoyle Granite & Marble
John Shields
Interstate Concrete & Asphalt, Concrete & Aggregate Sales
Becky Stafford
Northwest Realty Group, General Manager
Eric Stalker
River City Glass