Education Committee

The Education Committee, at the direction of the NIBCA Board of Directors, is charged with developing and overseeing educational programs. They are tasked with the training of new members regarding ethics, bylaws, technology, professionalism and whatever other pertinent information is deemed necessary which will provide those members with the opportunity to achieve the level of knowledge and skill necessary to be productive, successful members of the home-building industry.
Stefani Hoffman
Chair Lake Creek Comfort
Michael Bell
Co-Chair 4 Nails Construction, Owner
Chris Magart
Tam's Traveling Toilets, Manager
We are a local small business providing portable toilets and sinks to Pinehurst, Kingston, Smelterville, Kellogg, Wallace, Mullan, Murray, Prichard...
Kelsey Johansen
North Idaho Garage Door, Owner
At just 16, Kelsey dove into the world of customer service, discovering her knack for connecting with people. From mixing drinks to guiding stude...
Paul McFadden
Spokane Floors , Owner
Brian Davis
North Idaho College Workforce Training Center, KKTEC Construction Teacher
Josh Wise
CDA Area Economic Development Corp, Talent Pipeline Management Coordinator
Andy Shepherd
Grow Ignited
Larry Frisbie
Coeur d'Alene Regional Realtors
Erin Halleman
Spokane Teachers Credit Union, Senior Home Loan Officer
Driven and client-focused Home Loan Officer with over 10 years of experience in the mortgage industry. Passionate about helping individuals and fam...
Cody Rauen
Silver Ridge Construction, Owner/ Operator
Larry Gill
Evergreen Success Group, President
Marishka Pilch
Evergreen Success Group
Kevin Walsh
Panhandle Landworks LLC, Owner
Rhonda Frisbie
Coeur d'Alene Regional Realtors
Audrey Sizemore
Spokane Floors , Show Coordinator
Jessica Morales
Blue Tape Group, Owner
Roxanne Shimer
North Idaho Building Contractors Assoc, Administrative Assitant
Ryan McDonnell
The BuyerPower™ Lending Team @ PRMG, Team Lead / Certified Mortgage Lender
For over 2 decades my team has been guiding clients to build wealth as Certified Mortgage Advisors. Doing more than just write loans; we empower ...