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About Us

We realized there was a major problem with remodels in our area after we started asking clients how their last remodel went. It was the same story over and over again: Their last contractor was rude and unresponsive, the job took longer and cost more than they had been promised, and the build quality was poor.
We knew our area needed tradesmen they could rely on. Over our 15 years in business we’ve developed a remodeling process that provides extreme certainty on every element of your project.
Our contracts are fixed bid. This means we give you an all inclusive price for your project up front, so you know exactly what to invest before we start work.
Our design process is defined and scheduled. No more confusion about what your home will look like. Every step is planned out to ensure you have a clear image of your remodel before we start work.
Our employees are absolute professionals. No more grumpy contractors or scary people in your home. You’ll be greeted with a positive attitude by the best craftsmen in our area.
Our response time is quick. No more wondering where your contractor disappeared. You’ll hear back from us within 1 business day every time you call or email.
If your home just ''doesn't feel right'' in one way or another, we look forward to hearing from you and being your construction guide.

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Nethaniel Ealy
Joseph Schoolland