2021 NIBCA Parade of Homes

This committee manages a key fundraiser of the NIBCA. Members organize the largest marketing promotion available to builders of North Idaho. The mission is to promote NIBCA builders, their projects, suppliers, and trade people during the 5-day Show that showcases anywhere from 10 to 29 member Builders.

2023 NIBCA Board of Directors

NIBCA is governed by a Board of Directors. Members of the board are elected by the general membership. Each month, the board meet to create policy and ensure that the NIBCA's mission and objectives are being followed.

2023 Parade of Homes Committee

Parade of Homes Committee

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs

Education Committee

The Education Committee, at the direction of the NIBCA Board of Directors, is charged with developing and overseeing educational programs. They are tasked with the training of new members regarding ethics, bylaws, technology, professionalism and whatever other pertinent information is deemed necessary which will provide those members with the opportunity to achieve the level of knowledge and skill necessary to be productive, successful members of the home-building industry.

Joint Government Issues

This committee includes area municipal, county, and regulatory body representative addressing critical issues for our industry who understand the importance and value of a healthy new home construction industry in Idaho.

NIB-PAC Committee

The North Idaho Builders' Political Action Committee or NIB-PAC works closely with local, state and federal elected officials on issues vital to our members livelihood. Forging and nurturing positive relationship with our elected officials is essential for our association and its effectiveness on the political front. Through these efforts we are able to identify those politicians who are willing to listen to our issues and consider our point of view. This is where NIB-PAC becomes invaluable. The NIB-PAC represents the recognition by our members that those elected into office are critical to the housing and development industry. Through generous contributions we are able to fund the best qualified and most worthy candidates for local office.

NIBCA Associates Committee

This council organizes the major social membership events of the NIBCA such as the annual golf tournaments and the Gone Wild event. The Council is made up of NIBCA Associate members and meets as necessary to plan events.

NIBCA Home and Garden Committee

This committee manages a key fundraiser of the NIBCA that is held annually in March. Members of this committee enjoy the creativity and hard work of combining 100+ diverse businesses into a 3 day show at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds in Coeur d'Alene.

NIBCA Life Directors

To become an NIBCA Life Director you need to serve on the Board of Directors for at least 10 years. Once you are a Life Director you have to attend the two prior Board Meetings in order to have voting power and have attended at least 7 out of the past 12 meeting.

NIBCA Past Presidents Committee

These are the dedicated Past Presidents of NIBCA

NIBCA Spike Club

If you have 6 or more Spike Credits then you are a member of the Spike Club. These members enjoy special events through out the year.

Public Relations Committee

The mission of the Public Relations (PR) committee is to promote the NIBCA and to build value for members in an effort to gain and retain membership. This important committee works to inform the membership and the general public of political and community achievements made by NIBCA members in areas of social, community, charitable, and in governmental and political arenas.

Spike Club

Spike Club Members who have 6 or more spikes

Women's Council

Professional Women in Building members work in all aspects of the building industry as owners, builders, remodelers, architects, suppliers, marketing experts, designers and in finance and real estate. We are a strong and diverse network making advancements for women working in the building industry. Membership is open to any women that is a member of NIBCA. Dues are $60 per year.

Young Professionals

Designed to encourage under - 45 members' involvement in every level of the NIBCA from networking, education and advocacy initiatives.